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Areas of Practice

A full service law firm with a variety of skills and expertise. The Ewaniszyk Law Firm can help protect your rights and ensure that your voice is heard. We will work hard to protect you. 

Family Law


Day in and day out, your family remains the most important aspect of your life. Of course, no family is perfect and disputes or problems arise from time to time. When faced with these situations, you do not have to figure things out alone – instead, call on a trusted and practiced High Desert attorney who can help you navigate these unfamiliar and often stressful legal processes.


Whether you are filing for divorce, seeking custody of a child, or negotiating alimony payments, Ewaniszyk Law Firm can ease your burden and support you from start to finish.

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How can the Ewaniszyk Law Firm help you with your Family Law case?

Advising clients on their legal options: A family law attorney can advise clients on their legal options and help them understand the legal process, including the potential consequences of different actions.

Negotiating settlements: A family law attorney can negotiate settlements with the other party in a divorce or other family law matter, such as agreements related to child custody, child support, and property division.

Representing clients in court: A family law attorney can represent clients in court and present a case to a judge or jury. This may involve presenting evidence, making legal arguments, and cross-examining witnesses.

Advocating for the client's rights: A family law attorney can advocate for the client's rights and make sure that they are treated fairly throughout the legal process. This includes ensuring that the client's legal rights are protected and that they receive a fair outcome in their case.

Providing support: A family law attorney can provide support to clients during a difficult time. This may involve listening to the client's concerns, answering their questions, and providing guidance and advice as needed.

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