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Experienced Auto Accident Attorneys Serving the High Desert

A full service law firm with a variety of skills and expertise. The Ewaniszyk Law Firm can help protect your rights and ensure that your voice is heard. We will work hard to protect you. 

It’s impossible to plan for a car accident. No one wakes up in the morning with the thought they are going to get in an accident that day. It certainly would make life a little easier though. You might be able to schedule a doctor’s appointment ahead of time, let your family and friends know you won’t be able to make it to work or to your prior commitments, and give your insurance company a heads up.

Unfortunately, Motor Vehicle Accidents catch us by surprise, setting off a domino effect of inconvenience after inconvenience, and uncertainty and anxiety and fear.

With all of the other daily stresses in life, car and truck accidents can often seem like too much to handle. Being in an accident can be one of the most stressful times in your life, leaving you with a laundry list of worries: the car will need to be repaired; any injury you or a passenger received will need attention; what if the insurance company doesn’t offer enough, or anything at all; and now anytime you get behind the wheel, all you can think about is getting blindsided by another car. What’s going to happen with my job, my house payment, our vacation? Just thinking about all of this can be all-consuming.

This is why contacting a local High Desert car accident lawyer -­ whose job it is to carry these burdens and help make this situation less hectic for you – is a vital step to take. The lawyers at the Ewaniszyk Law Firm we have handled case after case of automotive accidents and understand how traumatic all of this is. The physical, emotional, and psychological effects of an accident can be long-lasting and traumatic.

The law is on your side if your accident was caused by someone else’s negligent actions. If you want to speak to an attorney, contact the office of Ewaniszyk Law. We want to help you get what you deserve, every penny.

Do I Really Need to Speak to an Auto Accident Attorney?

Too many people, too often, skip talking to a lawyer after they’ve been in an accident because they feel there is no need. Whether they think their injury is too minor, they think they don’t have a case, or they don’t want to end up spending a lot of time/money in court, people end up not contacting an attorney for legal advice. An accident can affect your driving record. See this article by Car and Driver magazine.

The High Desert car accident attorneys at the Ewaniszyk Law Firm have seen too many cases where people think they don’t have an injury, or it’s a minor injury, and months down the road serious complications begin to arise. Accident injuries are strange in this way. The adrenaline rush and shock you get right after being in a wreck can mask injuries and make serious pains seem like minor aches. Serious injuries may take months to manifest their serious nature. It’s important not to wait too long to reach out to an attorney in order for them to evaluate your claims as soon as possible.

If you feel that contacting an attorney is unnecessary, the other driver in the accident and their insurance company are plotting ways to defeat or avoid responsibility. If you wait too long to speak to a lawyer, you could find yourself in an uphill battle, facing up against an experienced claims adjuster or car accident attorney who does not have your best interest at heart.

The lawyers at the Ewaniszyk Law Firm do not want to see any of this happen to you. We don’t want to see you drown in medical and car repair bills you should not be paying in the first place and being taken advantage of in court. We want you to get the help you need and the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been in a car accident, contact the car accident injury lawyers at the Ewaniszyk Law Firm.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident in the Inland Empire?

If you or a family member were injured in a car accident in the Inland Empire there are crucial steps to take. Immediately following an automobile accident there is important information that should be obtained at the scene. You should get the names, addresses, driver’s licenses, insurance information and phone numbers of all parties involved, including any witnesses. Also, be sure to obtain the investigating officer’s name and report number. These are all important pieces of information that will be helpful down the road when you are looking for financial compensation for your damages. Take as many pictures as you can. 

Don’t be shy or embarrassed to go to the hospital by ambulance if you are hurt. Get the medical help you need as soon as possible if you are injured. It is very important that a qualified health care professional examine you, document your injuries, and begin indicated treatment. Photos of the scene, the vehicles, and your injuries may be very important. As soon as possible after the accident, contact your insurance company to report the accident; and contact the High Desert car accident lawyers of the Ewaniszyk Law Firm to allow us to obtain facts, information, materials and witnesses while the information is still fresh. It is extremely important to permit us to do a prompt investigation.

You may have to report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The attorneys at the Ewaniszyk Law Firm will assist you in every way.

In order to obtain fair and just compensation from this automobile accident, you should contact attorneys that are very experienced in these types of cases such as the attorneys here at the Ewaniszyk Law Firm. For more information see this article by Forbes magazine.

To Summarize:

What to Do In Case of an Accident

Q. What should I do at the scene of an accident?

A.  STOP Immediately and move only if it is safe to do so.

  • Call 911 if there are injuries.

  • Call the police. In some areas, police authorities may respond to every accident scene. They may consider factors such as the severity and location of the accident (some police authorities will not come to the scene if the accident is on private property).  However, you should attempt to notify the police.  You should also be aware that most policies require notification to the police within a specified time period if the accident is a hit and run.

  • Obtain names, addresses, telephone numbers, and driver's license numbers from all drivers. 

  • Obtain license plate(s) and vehicle identification numbers.  Ask to see driver's license(s) and vehicle registration(s) to verify the information is accurate.

  • Obtain names, addresses, and telephone numbers of other passengers and any witnesses.

  • If you have a camera or a cellphone, take photographs of the damage, and the accident scene (traffic controls, visual obstacles).

  • If the owner of a damaged car or damaged property cannot be located, leave a note with the names and addresses of the driver and owners of the involved cars.

  • Notify the Ewaniszyk Law Firm as soon as possible. We can help you through all of these steps.

  • If anyone is injured or the vehicle damage exceeds $750.00, you must report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days. Failure to notify the DMV may result in the suspension of your driver's license. The Ewaniszyk Law Firm can help you with this.

Speak to an Experienced High Desert California Car Accident Attorney Today!

We at the Ewaniszyk Law Firm are car accident lawyers serving the High Desert who’ve handled auto accident and injury cases since 1976, with our own investigators and many experts available to make sure all important facts and information are documented and preserved. We have the resources to properly investigate your claim and to preserve the evidence so that your rights may be protected. In addition, the Ewaniszyk Law Firm is able to assist you with your property damage recovery, obtaining payment of medical bills and car rental reimbursement.

Strict time limits apply in these cases and can act to bar a claim completely. It is extremely important that we are engaged as soon as possible to enable us to have the opportunity to investigate promptly and thoroughly. Delay can mean lost opportunities and lost evidence. Prompt access and investigation is a must.

Car accident victims should call the Ewaniszyk Law Firm as soon as possible as there are strict time limits in which to recover for your damages. With decades of experience as car accident lawyers serving the High Desert including: Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, Adelanto and the surrounding areas, our clients receive the best representation possible.

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