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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about your case your attorney and their associates can answer them. Be sure to call the Ewaniszyk Law Firm today and speak to an experienced injury attorney!

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

The success of every case depends on the unique set of facts present in the case. An experienced personal injury attorney can give you more specific answers to these questions based on the actual circumstances of your case.

An attorney helps you handle each step in the case in a way that’s calculated to help you get the optimal results that you’re looking for. Your lawyer and their associates will take the time to get to know you, your priorities, and the details of your case. They can then guide you through the legal process to get you the maximum compensation possible.

What to do after a personal injury or auto accident?

  • Take photos of your injuries and the incident.

  • Visit your doctor right away.

  • Once you have visited a doctor, follow the care plan they give you and be sure to attend all follow-up appointments.

  • Write down a narrative of what happened before and during the accident while it’s still fresh in your mind.  

  • Be sure to take down a list of witnesses and their contact information if you can.

  • Your injury attorney will give you a personalized action plan, be sure to follow it.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a personal injury case?

A statute of limitations is the time limitation that you have to file your case with the court. For most personal injury cases, the legal period of limitation is two years. You’ve made it within the time limit if you get your case filed even one day before the period of limitation expires. So don't delay!

How long will it take to resolve my personal injury case?

The shortest cases can resolve in only a few weeks and without any formal litigation. Your attorney will work directly with the other party or the insurance company to reach a swift resolution.

In more complicated cases, litigation can continue for a year or more. Most cases fall somewhere in between. The more complicated your case, the longer you can expect it to take. You do have some control over the length of your case because it’s up to you to accept or reject settlement offers.

Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney?

​If you are wondering is it worth hiring a personal injury lawyer, the short answer is yes. If only for the success of your case. 

Personal injury is a complex area of law. What's more, each state has its own specific laws around personal injury cases. This means that to fight your case successfully, you'll need to have an understanding of both federal and state personal injury laws and processes. 

Besides the law itself, you also need practical knowledge of how the court system works. Without this, you may be in danger of missing deadlines, creating a lot of extra work for yourself, and ultimately giving the defense the advantage.

In contrast, an experienced personal attorney at the Ewaniszyk Law Firm has an intimate knowledge of personal injury law. Our attorneys know about all stages of the court process, and they have extensive trial experience. If your claim can't be settled out of court and goes before a judge and jury, a personal injury lawyer will be equipped to present your case in the best possible light and battle any false narratives the defensive is trying to establish. 

Speaking of the defense, most personal injury cases are fought against insurance companies and corporate entities. These organizations usually have dedicated legal teams who are well versed in defense of this kind. 

In other situations, you may be facing the legal representation of an individual. Either way, if you do not have your own lawyer to fight back, your case will be put at a serious disadvantage. 

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